School of Industrial Continuing Education (SICE)
Part Time (Weekend) Programme

The School of Industrial Continuing Education (S.I.C.E.) programme is the part-time study programme of the Petroleum Training Institute. As the name implies, it is geared towards making people working in the industries continue their education without breaking off from their jobs in the industry.

The programme came into existence due to the yearnings of the Oil, Gas and Allied Industries in Warri and its environs, to upgrade the capacity of their middle cadre manpower without disturbing their production.

Hitherto, most of the workers upgraded their technical knowledge through day releases from their companies or by shuttling. Day releases were at the expense of the Industry. Shuttling causes questionable practices at the workplace and in PTI.

As years went by, the SICE programmes stabilized in PTI and it metamorphosed to weekend programme to cater for students from far and wide.

The SICE programme has continuously and successfully run for  over twenty five years ( 1995-till date).  Many oil/gas and allied industries workers have benefited from the programme.

The objectives of the SICE programme are in line with the PTI mission and vision and these are as follows:

1. To foster the acquisition of technical knowledge by oil, gas and allied industries workers.

2. To enhance the student/worker performance on their jobs.

3. To give an opportunity to the self-employed workers in government offices and private companies, to improve their lot academically without disturbing their jobs.

The entry requirements for the National  Diploma and Higher National Diploma SICE Programmes are as obtained in the full time programmes.

The certificates awarded to full-time students and SICE students are the same. The full-time and SICE  students matriculate together and convocate together and they are taught by the same lecturers. There is no difference in the certificate awarded to full-time and SICE students .

The Lecturers/Instructors for the SICE programme are mainly the Institute’s full-time permanent lecturers/instructors, and some part-time lecturers engaged by the Institute for effective and efficient running of the programme to ensure the students get value for their money.

Computer Engineering Technology

Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Environmental Science & Management Technology

Computer Science

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology

Petroleum and Natural Gas Processing

Petrochemical and Polymer Engineering Technology

Gas Processing Engineering Technology

Petroleum Refining Engineering Technology

Industrial Safety Technology

Environmental Technology

Science Laboratory Technology

Petroleum Engineering and Geosciences

Computer Science and Information Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Petroleum Marketing and Business Studies

Welding Engineering and Offshore Technology

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