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Remita is a payment solution that helps individuals and business make and receive payment, pay bills and manage their finances
Requery your payment on the PTI website using your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)code
Contact the ICT Team on, 08122855018 or visit the PTI ICT Centre
Contact the admissions team on, 08127667021 or visit the PTI Admissions Office


The School of Industrial and Continuing Education (S.I.C.E.) programme is the part-time study programme of the Petroleum Training Institute.
The certificate awarded to full time students and SICE students are the same. There is no discrimination in terms of teaching personnel and quality of delivery.
All the Programmes available in the Full time Programme
The Post-HND programme is aimed at upgrading and strengthening the academic background of Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates in Engineering disciplines, so as to enhance their skills and competence.
Chemical Engineering, Electrical/Electronic​​ Engineering, Gas Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering

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