Offshore Tech. Centre

PTI Consults




1. Feed automation for gasket production machine – On-going

2. Multimedia communication involving signal processing, image processing and compression video processing and compression, media security for the oil and gas industry. – Ongoing

3. Circuits and systems for telecommunication: energy efficient and reliable signal processing and VLSI circuits for wireless and wire line communications. – Ongoing

4. Biosensors, integrated systems, miniaturized detection of bio-molecules, electrical-based interactions with living matter, high-throughput systems. – Ongoing

5. Radio frequency integrated circuits, Wireless Data Communications for sensor nodes (e.g. biomedical, environmental applications), Remotely Powered Electronic Circuits, Radio Frequency Identification Systems (RFID) Micro Power Analog Integrated circuits, Electrical Analog Filters. – Ongoing

6. Smart grids, Micro grids, distributed monitoring systems, Phasor measurement units, Real-time optimal operation of distribution networks, Fault location, Distributed generation, Storage system, Power quality, Insulation coordination. – Ongoing

7. Electrical energy generation, conversion, storage; Medium voltage applications; High power electronic converters, modelling, simulation, design, optimisation, control, power semiconductors, advanced magnetics; High performance variable speed drives. – Ongoing