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Thank you for your interest in Petroleum Training Institute, Nigeria - PTI. We are honored that you are taking the time to learn about PTI – a truly magical place.
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Award for the best Institute in Petroleum and Allied Studies in Africa

Frequently asked questions

A few question attended to here

Why The PTI ?

The Petroleum Training  Institute was set up by Act No.  37 of 1972, which was amended by Act No.  52 of 1975 to provide courses of instruction, training  research  in oil technology and to produce

functions as in the opinion of the council may serve to provide the objectives including  making regulations as may be necessary for entry into any type of courses approved  by the Institute.technicians and such skilled  personnel normally required for oil production. To arrange conference,  seminars, and study groups related to the field of learning specified above,  and to perform such

What is the student/Lecturer ratio?

The Institute pays serious attention to Lecturer to students ratio in order to be able to have personal contact with the students.

It started out as a premium centre for training technical personnel requirement for the oil and allied industry with just a campus in Effurun. Growing rapidly, the Institute spread her presence beyond the shores of Delta State to become a global brand in the development of skilled manpower for the oil and allied industries .

What are primary entry points?

The Institute main gate is located along PTI road, in Effurun Delta State.

When was the Institute Found?

The Institute was founded in 1973

Do you offer a discount for multiple?

This may apply to our list of specialized or booster courses designed to upgrade skill sets of industry personnel.

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

The Institute is not obliged to offer students any financial assistant. However, our Counselling department of the institute is well equipped to guard the students via the part of academic excellent.