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Digital Petroleum Training Institute or DiPTI is a novel technological hub and co-working space in the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) where PTI students and fresh graduates from PTI, the staff and the institute business men and women connect, engage,​​ develop applications, build new digital devices and invent new things. It​​ will​​ also provide​​ the forum where all the courses (entrepreneurial, skills or academic) available in PTI are digitized for e-platform applications and delivery.

It will​​ offer consulting,​​ software, hardware, networking certifications and accreditation services and carry out applied research in collaboration with companies and organizations, aimed at finding solutions to IT-related business problems.

In today’s Global economy, where knowledge and innovation are keys to competitive success, we are delighted to say​​ that with digital innovation, PTI is uniquely placed to provide necessary services and impetus ​​ on ICT ​​ to a growing population and to conform to international competitiveness and standards.


DiPTI will provide an exciting environment that will attract students and a broad spectrum of​​ other residents of the nation and the continent​​ with an interest in digital technology innovation and entrepreneurship. Various activities and​​ programmes​​ will be run with the aim of developing skills, encouraging innovation and promoting the development of new enterprises. All of the PTI’s existing skills development initiatives will also be run in the DiPTI.

Facilities will also be established, including world-class infrastructure, specialized computer laboratories, a software engineering library and lecture and meeting rooms.

DiPTI will be supported by the government's Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), local and international oil and gas companies, private companies, industrialists, Media​​ Corporations, ICT Companies and Vendors, among other investors, philanthropists.



This​​ is​​ an​​ example of what DiPTI would look like, while DiPTI collaborates with the Jo'burg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) in South Africa.

The Jo'burg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) is a three way partnership between government, academia and industry. Based at Wits University, the JCSE is multifaceted with various programmes and facilities positioning it as a focal point of a software development industry for South Africa and the rest of the continent.

DIZ Zone, Johannesburg





e-Health Centre





ICT Centre

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The following are the functions but not limited to the DiPTI project:

  • Digital Library

  • ICT Centre

  • Data Centre

  • ISP​​ 

  • IT Consultancy Services

  • e-Health Centre

  • e-learning

  • e-labs

  • IT Training Centre /Certifications (Regular & Corporate training)

  • Prometric & VUE Testing Centre

  • CBT Centre

  • Digital Research Centre

  • e-Government Services

  • Teleconference Centre




  • Certification of Technician and Technologist

  • Creation and Certification of Chief Information Technology Officer​​ 

  • Development of a virtual library that provides information and answers urgent questions that meets real economic benefits, impact and social and gender ​​ inclusion.​​ 

  • Students Experimental Training

  • Intellectual and Technology Transfer

  • Staff Training for Certificate in Telecommunication Policy, Regulation and management (TPRM).




Who should attend


Technicians, Technologists, Researchers, Academics, Decision makers, Professional etc. Other participants include individuals working in government policy departments, national and regional regulatory authorities, regulatory departments of ICT sector operators, lawyers, consultants, journalists, union officials and NGOs involved in the sector.




1. Complex/Administrative building (Structure) which include e-classrooms, CBT centre, Teleconference centre, digital council chamber etc.

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Digital Lecture Theatre



e-Meeting/Business Room



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CBT Centre


2. Hardware (Computers and peripheral equipments)

  • Servers

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • IP Phones

  • CCtv Cameras

  • Cables

  • Vsat

  • Radios

  • Call Manager Express

  • Desktop Computers

  • Laptops

  • Printers and Scanners

  • Projectors

  • Photocopiers etc





3. Software and licensing services

  • Operating Systems

  • Network Software

  • Database Management Software

  • Developments tools and programming languages software

  • Licensing services for the right to use computer software

  • Original Equipment ​​ Manufacturing (OEM)

  • Other application software packages etc


4. Furniture

  • Chairs

  • Tables

  • Cabinets

5. Electrical Appliances (e.g. airconditions)

6. Independent Power Generation (thermal/gas)​​ 

7. Laboratory equipments

8. Electro medical equipments

9. Innovation Hub

10. Canteen and Refreshment spots

11. Mass media unit (DiPTI journals, digital journalism, news press etc)

12. e.t.c.



  • Training and equipping our target groups/participants with necessary and basic skills in Information Communication Technology applications through aiding them to understand trends behind the information society today.

  • Research and Education for Development​​ 

  • Professional Services and Practical applications​​ 

  • Skills development programmes and work force initiatives​​ 

  • Better academic acceleration programmes through the engagement of our academic community in the state, National and International. ​​ 


  • The DiPTI will provide a dynamic environment for genius generation, global focus on knowledge economy driving competition and enhancement of partnership development.​​ 







Target audience:

  • Telecom/Internet Service Providers

  • Local and International Oil & Gas Companies(upstream, mid and downstream) in Nigeria.

  • Chemical, Energy and Mining related companies

  • PTI Alumni, Staff and Students

  • Individuals

  • Industry-related bodies

  • Governments, MDAs

  • Corporate bodies that support education, training or building projects.